!!! NEW EVENT !!!

Halloween Group Past Life Regression

On Halloween night
Discover a new experience!

Past Life Regression...

Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist
Aileen W. Donovan
will guide you on your journey to a past life.

*Costumes are encouraged but not mandatory*
(Why not dress up as a character you think you were in a past life?)
October 31, 2015
07:00 - 11:00 pm
At: "Martintown Trading Post 1803"
18550 Dundas Street
South Glengarry, Ontario

Closed Door Event - By Reservation Only!

Cost of admission: $10,-
 Proceeds to the SPCA-SDG

Be advised that participating in this event requires signing a release form stating there are no medical or mental conditions that may interfere with you being hypnotized.
Besides being an ethical obligation, this is to protect you, all participants and the organizer. 

​The signed form will serve as your ticket to enter the event.

The admission fee can be paid online through Paypal (all major credit cards accepted)
or in cash at the door.​

Please fill out the information below to receive the release form.

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